Instagram has finally added one of it’s most requested features, Dark Mode.

This option is available now for users who have upgraded to iOS 13 & Android 10.

Smartphone screens emit bright blue light which at night confuses your brain causing the it to stop producing melatonin, a hormone that cues your body that it’s “time to sleep.”

Unfortunately users are not able to actually toggle the feature within the app (yet?).

If you’re using iOS 13, here’s how to try out dark mode for yourself:

•First update your Instagram app the latest version available. ⠀
•Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

•Tap Display & Brightness, then tap Dark.

For Android 10 users, follow these steps:

•Enable device-wide dark mode on Android by going to Settings, then to Display.

•Tap Advanced, then select Dark from the Device theme menu.

Will you be using dark mode?