(Social Networking Management) Social Media Management Administration & Marketing Service


SoNetMgt (Social Networking Management) helps entrepreneurs represent their true value. Established in Santa Monica, CA. in 2010, we offer Social media services for businesses, brands, labels, public figures & more with a wide variety of social media assistance including administration, promotion & management. As social media is integrated into all aspects of our everyday lives, SoNetMgt is dedicated to manage your online communities on many social platforms while providing 24/7 on-demand service & communication.

SoNetMgt respects and honors any wishes/requests you may have as well as securing your privacy, never disclosing business together or sharing any of your information without your approved consent. Monitor your investment in SoNetMgt as you are provided with up to date statistics and growth charts to monitor your social media progress to ensure positive development.

SoNetMgt understands how important it is to have a loyal close personal relationship with your customers, fans and followers while at the same time establishing and strengthening your brand at an affordable pace. Say goodbye to hidden fees, contracts, long-term commitments and say hello to SoNetMgt, a fun, honest, loyal and diligent company to be working with.

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