If you’re a social media content creator, or plan on becoming one, Instagram has launched a new account to follow just for you – “@Creators.” Aimed specifically to provide value for it’s platform’s top & upcoming video stars who want to increase their presence, Creators, according to Instagram is:

“THE place to learn more about what it takes to be a creator from the team at Instagram + the creators who inspire us everyday.”

This initiative is to provide creators the tools needed to keep the content coming consistently with deeper insights, tips & tricks from platform experts – & yes it’s confirmed by Instagram, “we’ll be talking about the algorithm.” This move seems to be an obvious step to building Instagram’s engagement & growth, while at the same time allowing an opportunity for IGTV to become social media’s #1 video content platform.

There are even talks that there is a monetized future for users with Instagram. In a recent conversation with the head of content & creator partnerships, Justin Antony told The Verge that, “IGTV will be the first place the company monetizes.” & although the platform hasn’t reached that point yet, “people should keep making content for it.” It’s safe to say that this is great news for those looking to make a day job out of Instagramming.

Lastly it’s worth noting that, as it states directly in the Creators account bio, “no we can’t get you verified. 🙃” so don’t bother sliding into their DM’s for that request.